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Gmail's autocomplete is broken (update: fixed!)

Before you send out something through Gmail, make sure to check if you have the right person in the recipient field -- trust us on this one. Google's email service has been having autocomplete issues, which people started noticing over the past few days. It seems to keep suggesting contacts you don't email that often instead of those you send digital missives to regularly. So, instead of suggesting Joe Coworker when you type "J" in the "To" field, you get Joe Shmoe, John Doe and some random J you drunkenly met at a party once in college. Obviously, you wouldn't want to send any of them the super secret work document you've been working on. Gmail announced on Twitter that it's investigating the issue, but until then, all you can do is to keep a close eye on who you're sending emails to.

Update: The Gmail team announced in a followup tweet that it has identified the problem and is working on a fix.

Update 2 (2/26): According to yet another tweet, everything is working as designed once again. Now when we email stuff to the wrong person we will only have ourselves to blame. On second thought, could someone at Gmail put things back to "broken" again?