Apple rumored to overhaul its Genius Bar, add 'Concierge' service

Apple is reportedly readying substantial changes to how it runs its Genius Bar support service in-stors, according to 9to5Mac. While the current walk-in system requires the customer to explain the issue then be given an appointment soon after, the new 'Concierge' service (as it'll apparently be called) will tap into special algorithms to offer support for customers, giving wait time based on priority. As 9to5Mac puts it, a broken iPhone screen would receive higher priority than a small issue with iCloud when the phone itself still works fine. Employees will input the customers' issues, and the system will do the rest.

The new system is apparently the brainchild of Apple retail head (and former Burberry CEO) Angela Ahrendts: the service will send updates to the customer through text message, first to confirm the request and give the wait time, followed by another text close to the appointment time and a final text to notify users where to go in-store. According to sources, the changes should help reduce congestion in often busy Apple stores, and (hopefully) help the staff deal with customers more efficiently. Online appointments will apparently remain unchanged.