The White House officially launches its new cyber warfare agency

los angeles  ca   april 4th ...

One of the reasons that the US has been slow to respond to attacks is because its security agencies don't talk to each other. This lack of communication may make the FBI, CIA etc look very butch, but it's pretty terrible when lives, businesses and second-tier studio comedies are on the line. This is why the White House has sanctioned the creation of a new agency that's designed to remedy the problem. The US Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center has been given the official go-ahead, and will sit between the FBI, NSA and CIA, amongst others, collating that data and offering a cohesive policy to fight off digital attacks. Another thing the CTIIC will be responsible for is informing both lawmakers and US businesses of impending threats and advise upon solutions, maybe starting with "don't make movies about North Korea without making sure your network is full of holes."