Twitter makes reporting trolls easier, cracks down on repeat offenders

In the ongoing battle agains trolls, abusive users and other rule-breakers, Twitter has expanded how it can attempt to squash tweet-based troubles. If someone is impersonating another through a Twitter account, or leaking sensitive personal data, anyone can now report it -- not just whoever is suffering from it. Perhaps more importantly, new "enforcement actions" will allow the company to deal with regular trouble-makers: those that simply create a new Twitter account when their previous one gets closed down.

The blog post doesn't go into detail, but apparently a banned user may have to offer up a phone number to Twitter to start using the service again. While it's a stronger move against trolls, the official blog posts stops short of saying it'll ban repeat offenders outright. The company told the Washington Post it's now tripled the size of the team that works with users who have been abused. These changes start rolling out today, and will spread to all users in the next few weeks.