Here's what Project Ara phones will actually look like

Sure, we've seen prototypes of Google's Project Ara before, but these dummy modules from budget phone maker Yezz mobile are as good a hint to how the phone might actually look in real life. We already saw how Google envisioned Ara to look, but given its plans for a store where you'll be able to browse different components for your phone, it's unlikely things will be that uniform. It doesn't take much to imagine that Ara's customizable nature will mean all the different clip-in components will rarely be an aesthetic match. That's to say, your phone is likely going to be a patchwork of colors and designs, so why not embrace that and go all in? Yezz's prototype modules show us how that future will look.

Yezz mobile currently makes mid-range, colorful phones (like this "Andy 5S"), but it's betting on Ara, and trying to get in early. The company is hoping that its budget-mobile chops will be a good match for the modular market. Unfortunately, Yezz hasn't given any indication as to how many of these modules are proof of concept and how many we can expect to see come to market. Or for what price. Or when. In fairness, those same questions can mostly be applied to Project Ara itself, too. For now, at least, we get a little look at how those lucky folk in Puerto Rico might get to express their individuality.

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