We're live at the 2015 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco!

Every year, in late winter, covering the game industry gives me a chance to leave New York City at its most miserable. It's with great pleasure that I tell you, yes, we're here in San Francisco -- where it's 60 degrees and not 34 -- to bring you all the news, hands-ons, interviews, videos and combinations thereof, straight from the 2015 Game Developers Conference. From here on out, we're gonna make that name a bit simpler: GDC 2015. We've even got a page right here where you can keep up to date on all the aforementioned coverage. Head below for a brief rundown of the week to come.

What's happening this year, besides developers talking to each other about the art and business of making games? We've already seen a taste, all the way from Barcelona, care of Mobile World Congress.

HTC and Valve are teaming up on a virtual reality headset named HTC Vive. Or HTC ReVive. Or maybe just Vive? Or maybe just Revive? It's a bit puzzling, honestly.

We're getting a hands-on in the coming days, and we've already got some gorgeous detail shots right here featuring British raconteur James Trew.

Additionally, Samsung and Oculus are continuing their partnership on Gear VR with a new, smaller version intended for use with Samsung's new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge phones. Don't expect to be blown away: It's largely the same as the first Gear VR, which launched late last year, albeit with a smaller screen. We've got more info right here, and beauty shots below.

And today, just before GDC 2015 officially kicks off, Epic Games announced that its widely used game engine, Unreal Engine 4, is now free for all to use on a commercial (or non-commercial) basis. It's a major move for an engine maker, and it means one more great tool is more widely available to the folks who make the games we love.

As for what the rest of the week holds, only two things are certain: Both Sony and NVIDIA are hosting press events. The former is focusing on PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset, "Project Morpheus," while the latter is teased as "more than five years in the making" and will apparently "redefine the future of gaming." I expect nothing less than a picante Gouda in a holodeck.

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