Tinder's paid service launches with a pretty sleazy catch

If you didn't think that your opinion of Tinder could go any lower, something new pops up to make you change your mind. The hookup app has reportedly launched its long-awaited paid tier, but in Europe, users will have to overcome something worse than left-swipes: ageism. Tinder Plus users who are under 28 years old will be able to subscribe to the service for just £3.99 ($6.39) a month, but users over that age will be asked to spend £14.99 ($23.03) -- nearly four times as much for the same thing.

Tinder has been building hype for its paid tier since the end of last year, pushing users over to a freemium version of the existing app with limited functionality. Tinder Plus, meanwhile, enables users to undo left-swipes and alter their location when they're on the go. It's not yet clear if this pricing is an experiment, or if the US price of $9.99 will be similarly changed, but it looks as if you just got one more reason to lie about your age on Facebook.

Update: Tinder Plus' US pricing is now in, courtesy of Bloomberg Business. The service will cost you $9.99 if you're under 30, but twice as much if you're over that figure. At least we know now which country puts a better value on 29-year-olds.