Bittorrent Sync Pro lets employees share folders from their PCs

Bittorrent's done beta testing its cloud-alternative Sync tool, so it's now releasing not just the stable version, but also a Pro one for businesses. Sync 2.0 still lets you share folders saved on your computer using web links, but it also comes with an assortment of new features. These include the ability to link all your devices (PCs, phones and tablets) using a single private account, the power to share folders from any of those linked devices, and being able to grant a person access to your folders just once (he can access them instantly later on), among many other improvements.

The Pro version also lets you access all your folders in all your linked devices, assign other people as the "owners" of particular folders and to keep an account in "Synced" mode, which enables it to keep its contents updated without you having to manually do so. The Pro version does cost money ($39.99 per year per users), as you might have guessed, but your office can try it our for free for 30 days.