Massive space-sim 'Elite: Dangerous' coming to Xbox One this summer

Good tidings for Xbox One owning folks pining for a procedurally-generated space exploration game to call their own: Elite: Dangerous is coming to your console. Details are scant at this point, so there's no telling what, if any, sacrifices will be made to get the 1:1 scale open world based on our own Milky Way galaxy running on Microsoft's current-gen console. At its Game Developers Conference presentation today, though, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the game will launch this summer and include all of the content from the PC version will make its way to the console port, including the just announced March Wings expansion.

By this point you might be asking exactly yourself "Okay, so what's the big deal here?" Well, Elite: Dangerous is a massively multiplayer online simulator that's incredibly open-ended and detailed. It's also the latest game in the 32 year-old Elite series created by David Braben and the folks at Frontier Developments. Of the game's 400 billion star systems that you can explore, some 150,000 are taken from real-world astronomical data. That's a lot! Sure, that all sounds cool on paper, but a vast universe is kinda meaningless unless there's something to do with all that space. Based on early impressions, you aren't going to lack activities.

Want to get ahead as a space pirate, doing illegal activities as you see fit? Go for it. You can dock with space stations, buy goods for a low price and sell them elsewhere higher if you'd rather be on the honest side of the law, too. Basically, any sci-fi fantasies you've had in your head can probably come to life here. For more info on the game, do yourself a favor and check out The New Yorker's deep dive from last year.

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