NVIDIA's got a new GPU monster, and it's called Titan X

NVIDIA just announced the Titan X, its latest powerhouse graphics card, at Epic Game's GDC session this morning. And boy, it sounds like a monster: According to NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, it's now the world's most powerful GPU with more than 8 billion transistors (a bit of a jump from the 7 billion in last year's Titan Z). Titan X is powered by the company's new Maxwell architecture, and it packs in 12 gigabytes of VRAM, just like the Titan Z. NVIDIA isn't revealing much else about the new GPU yet -- it has its own conference in a few weeks, after all -- but at this point it sounds like the video card we'll all be pining for this year.

While it may seem strange for Huang to tease the Titan X at another company's event, he had a good reason: It's powering a new VR experience called Thief in the Shadows, a joint effort from Epic, Oculus and Weta Digital, which puts you in the shoes of someone exploring the dragon Smaug's treasure-filled cave from The Hobbit.

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