Divoom's new Bluetooth speaker also serves as a selfie remote

Today's youth likes nothing more than listening to that hip-hop music, being turnt and taking pictures of themselves. That's why the folks at Divoom have generously built a gadget that will let kids do all three at the same time. The second-generation Bluetune Bean is a portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with a remote shutter button that'll make selfie-taking easier. Although, now that I think about it, since you have to be holding the phone for it to count as a selfie, and the volume rocker button is right there, isn't this device entirely redundant?

Of course not, since you can also clip the Bean to your bag and irritate everyone in your local vicinity for up to six hours at a time. In addition, the device has a microphone, letting you use it as a speakerphone for when those serious conference calls kick off. If this is precisely the sort of engine you need to drive your shameless narcissism, then you can pick one up for $25 on Amazon right now.