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Glympse for Auto shares your car's location without distractions

You no longer have to fiddle with your smartphone (or an in-car interface) to share your location while on the road. Glympse has trotted out Glympse for Auto, an Android app that lets you send your position with a minimum of distractions. You only have to tell it who can see your whereabouts and for how long using a big, car-friendly interface -- after that, you're free to focus on driving. It'll even show up on your infotainment display if you're using either Pioneer's AppRadio 3 or MirrorLink-equipped cars from Volkswagen and Peugeot (more in-car systems will work soon, Glympse says). While this hands-off approach won't get you home any faster, it should spare you from taking risks just to prove that you're still stuck in traffic.