The creators of 'Monument Valley' are redesigning your car dash

The developer of Monument Valley, Ustwo, isn't just content with designing beautiful puzzle games and tablet software -- it wants to rethink your car's dashboard, too. The company has partnered with Car Design Research to build a prototype for an instrument cluster display that tosses out much of what you know today. Instead of fixed gauges, it uses an adaptive screen that shows what you need when you need it. When you're stopped, it tells you whether or not you have enough fuel or electricity to reach your destination. Hit the accelerator and it shifts focus to speed and gears, while reversing automatically brings up the rear-view camera. It's even aware enough to notify you about slippery roads, school zones and other situations where you may need to drive with caution.

It's a clever (if still rough) idea, and Ustwo isn't simply showing off. It's posting both the design and related code on GitHub in the hopes that you'll tinker with the concept and offer feedback. You probably won't see visuals like this in your dash for a long while as a result, but the hope is that there will be a "constructive discussion" that improves the technology on a broader level. If you step into your next car and see something much like this when you start the engine, you'll know where it came from.