Banks respond to fraud with improved verification for Apple Pay

Reports of thieves using stolen payment info with Apple Pay surfaced earlier this week, and banks are already stepping up security measures. In fact, the culprits used the software to employ credit card details stolen during Target's massive breach in 2013. The Wall Street Journal reports that those financial institutions are making customers take extra steps to verify that cards being entered into Cupertino's mobile payment platform really belong to them. Tools like one-time authorization codes, a call to customer service and security questions are being used to confirm identities for those who want to pay with an iPhone. What's more, some banks will require you to authorize Apple Pay by signing into your online banking. If you'll recall, Apple Pay itself remains locked down, and the fraudsters were able to take advantage of banks' rather lazy identity checks. Of course, even with the added checks, you'll want to keep a close eye on things to ensure someone hasn't swiped your card number.