Hold the phone: MWC had more than just handsets

Nicole Lee
N. Lee|03.06.15

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While the term "mobile" has always meant more than just smartphones, this year's Mobile World Congress really highlighted how diverse the category can be. After all, the star of the show was arguably the HTC Vive, and the only mobile-related thing about it is that it's made by a company that also makes phones. Indeed, VR headsets were the surprise hits at this year's Mobile World Congress, as were smartwatches from the likes of LG, Pebble and, yes, even Huawei. Whether it be VR headsets, wearables, tablets or even electric vehicles, it's clear that we can expect more than just phones from Mobile World Congress from now on. Relive some of our favorite non-phone highlights from MWC in our gallery right here.

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Gallery: MWC 2015 had more than just phones | 10 Photos

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