ASUS will soon let you add a xenon flash to its phones

Remember the good old days when phones came with a powerful xenon flash instead of just LEDs? Well, thanks to ASUS, you'll soon have the option to add one to an Android phone -- or at least to an ASUS one, anyway. The ZenFlash came to us as a surprise announcement at today's ZenFone 2 launch in Taiwan: It's a xenon flash dongle that connects via USB OTG, and you can stick it onto the back of your phone for that "400 times" stronger flash. Alas, it's still early days so there's no further detail on this device. No price, no date and no confirmation on whether the ZenFlash will work on non-ASUS Android phones.

The second surprise of the day was the circular LolliFlash, which is essentially a basic dual-tone LED torch (with its own battery) that can be secured onto the headphone jack of any phone. Unlike Lenovo's version, there's no communication between the LolliFlash and its host; you simply leave the light or lights on before you take a shot -- especially a selfie. It'll even come with a set of three color filters -- red, yellow and blue -- that double as protective covers, but we imagine most users will just leave them at home. Again, ASUS has yet to announce commercial availability, but we can't imagine this simple device can cause much damage to one's wallet.