Daily Roundup: Apple Watch details, a new MacBook and more!

Happy Monday! Buckle up, because it's Apple news all the way down today. The highly anticipated Apple Watch goes on sale April 24th and depending on the model, prices start anywhere from $350 to $10,000. The Cupertino company also surprised us by revealing details on its new ultra thin MacBook with a retina display. Get all the details on these stories and more in today's Daily Roundup.

Apple Watch is available April 24 starting at $350

It's been six whole months since Tim Cook revealed the Apple Watch to the world. Here we are again. With good reason, though. Apple may have already officially introduced us to its first smartwatch, but there were still some big questions left unanswered. Today Apple gathered the press to give the Watch the launch event it always deserved

The new MacBook is impressive, but also impractical (hands-on)

Who would have thought that the most interesting thing to come out of Apple's "Spring Forward" event would actually be a new laptop? In addition to spilling more details on its new smartwatch, the company also unveiled a brand-new (and long-awaited) update to the MacBook Air.

The most expensive Apple Watch costs upward of $10,000

There's only one Apple Watch, but the company is happy to sell it to you one of three ways: as the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch or the Apple Watch Edition. Confusing names aside, it's the third on the list that has courted the most speculation. Now, the company has revealed that the watch, dressed up in a solid 18-karat gold case with an "exquisitely designed" band will set you back upward of $10,000. Yup, we're in "if you have to ask, it's too expensive" territory now, folks.

The wearables industry needs to brace itself for the Apple Watch

Since the launch of the iPod, Apple's either dominated or come close to dominating every industry that it has entered. The only market where the company isn't the world number one is in set-top boxes, a field that has always been described as a "hobby." It's not too much of a risk to think that Apple will do to watches what it's already done to personal audio, smartphones and tablets -- even if global success isn't overnight.

'Minecraft' no longer risks opening a big security hole on your PC

As a matter of course, Minecraft has required that you install Java's run-anywhere code base -- a big problem when that tends to introduce security exploits and annoying adware. However, the construction game should be considerably safer thanks to a low-key update in recent weeks.

Self-driving vehicles and robotic clerks could take your job in 20 years

It's no secret that computers and robots have been putting people out of work in recent years, but that trend is about to accelerate... at least, if you ask the computers themselves. A machine learning algorithm from Oxford University has sifted through US Bureau of Statistics data and believes that up to 47 percent of American jobs could be replaced by technology within the next 20 years.

Sesame Street's executive producer on staying relevant after 46 years

Thanks to Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, the competition for kid's eyeballs is fiercer than ever, but that's not slowing down Sesame Street. Now in its 46th year, the show is making a bigger and bigger push into social media, with often hilarious (but secretly educational) results.