Thanks to USB Type-C, external MacBook batteries may finally arrive (update)

If you've been yearning for an external MacBook battery, you might soon be in luck. 9to5Mac reports Apple will finally allow companies to make battery packs and chargers for its devices, thanks to the newfangled USB Type-C connectors. The folks in Cupertino have typically frowned upon bricks that lend extra juice, and even sued HyperMac over using its MagSafe (and iPod) connector without permission. A redesigned USB port means that Apple wouldn't have to pass along the details of its charging tech to accessory makers. Of course, the new MacBook only wields one of these ports, and it's the only machine from Apple that sports it. There's no doubt that will change soon enough, and USB Type-C add-ons will tackle storage, a second display and more.

Update: Some MagSafe-compatible options do indeed exist, like the BatteryBox. This accessory comes with clips that work with Apple's patented power connector, but the company says that it doesn't infringe on any intellectual property. With the switch to USB Type-C, though, we'll see even more options, perhaps from companies that are already making external iPhone batteries.