Chromecast will now take orders from your TV remote

Google's Chromecast is capable of all sorts of tricks, but some of them have remained untapped until now. Take HDMI-CEC, which has been built into the video stick since the outset, but has only just been made compatible with input from connected devices. This means that your TV remote can now deliver IR orders to the Chromecast: your remote can pause and resume whatever's being beamed from the stick. The stick has been using the same tech to turn on your TV and switch inputs when you broadcast video to the dongle since its arrival, but this is the first time user input has been included. The standard isn't quite as widespread as traditional HDMI, however, so be warned that the feature may not be compatible with your particular TV. Likewise, Chromecast users report that the functionality is working with HBO Go, WatchESPN, Allcast, BBC iPlayer, Google Play Music, and TuneIn Radio, although Hulu remains conspicuously absent.