eBay and Sotheby's high-end auctions will launch next month

You wouldn't expect to be let in to a fine art auction wearing nothing but tighty whities, but starting April 1st, no one's going to be able to stop you. Sotheby's has teamed up with its digital counterpart, eBay, to launch its long-promised digital sales channel. Now, online collectors flush with Beanie Baby sales cash can fight as equals against entitled Manhattan socialites for Ansel Adams' photography and Andy Warhol watches.

For now, a single auction per day will be streamed live from Sotheby's New York outfit, with catalogs from the April 1st and 2nd events available to view right now. The biggest item currently listed is the sign from Yankee Stadium from 1976, which is expected to fetch up to $600,000. Let's just hope no one from overseas wins that particular auction -- imagine the shipping fees!

[Image credit: Robert Orion Martin, Flickr]