Microsoft still powers Ford's in-car tech behind the scenes

Checking a Ford EV's charging through a mobile app

Ford may have ditched Microsoft for the next generation of its Sync interface, but that doesn't mean Microsoft no longer has a place in Blue Oval's cars. If anything, it's more important than ever. Ford has unveiled the Service Delivery Network, a cloud-based platform that uses Microsoft Azure to put internet services in your car, whether they're app-based remote controls (like telling your car to warm up in the morning) or Sync updates. The two companies hope that this will deliver connected car tech worldwide, and at a faster pace than you're used to -- you may not have to wait months or years for a feature to turn up in a vehicle you can buy. The first models relying on the Service Delivery Network should hit dealerships later this year, so you'll soon know how well this collaboration works on the open road.