This personal flamethrower is somehow legal in 49 states

The XM42 from Ion Productions is every pyromaniac's dream come true: a personal, portable flamethrower that's (amazingly still) legal everywhere except California. You'll be able to get your own flame on for as little as $700 when the company launches its IndieGoGo campaign on March 23rd.

The XM42 bills itself as the first "commercially-available handheld flamethrower." It spews a column of 87 Octane flame up to 25 feet and, according to the product website, is suitable for everything from clearing snow and ice to insect control and pyrotechnic event displays (not to mention long-distance S'more baking, home defense, and showing those raccoons that keep knocking over your trash who's boss). The XM42 will be available in three finishes: brushed aluminum for $699 and either a polished aluminum or colored powder coat for $799.