Jaw-dropping Magic Leap demo shows off our augmented future

Google's multi-million dollar investment in augmented reality startup Magic Leap appears to be paying off if this demo reel is any indication. In it, the fledgling AR firm shows off what a year and half a billion dollars can accomplish. That includes productivity functions like being able to access both websites and desktop apps from airborne virtual icons. There's also the promise of an immersive shooter game using physical weapons as its controllers and the world around you as the environment. Do want.

It's like a scene straight out of Dennou Coil. "You can think of us as techno-biology," Magic Leap CE Rony Abovitz told a Reddit AMA last year. "We believe it is the future of computing." Now we just need to know when that future is actually going to arrive and how many arms/legs it will cost once it does.