Twitter taps Foursquare for location-based features

Twitter wants to know where you are. The social media company has tied up with Foursquare so your tweets can carry your precise location. Twitter was already picking up on your whereabouts, but its in-house tagging ability has been restricted to data points from GPS, wireless networks and cellular tower signals. The update allows Twitter to tap in to Foursquare's massive location database so you will be able to pinpoint your exact spot in a tweet.

The update makes Twitter more lucrative to brands that thrive on location-based user behavior. According to the support site, the tweet will include specifics like "the coordinates of the street intersection where you Tweeted" along with the location label selected. Users can also tap in to the chosen spot to read relevant tweets in the vicinity for a more personalized experience.

For geo-tagging enthusiasts who turn location on, all future tweets will automatically carry their coordinates. If you're not keen on sharing your location all the time, you'll have to remember to go back and opt-out.