Amazon's Fire TV Stick arrives in the UK next month for £35

Google's Chromecast streaming dongle has proven to be quite the hit, but it does come with some drawbacks. There's no physical remote, for instance, and the lack of menus or any overarching UI can be alienating for some. Amazon took a swing at the idea last October with the Fire TV Stick, and after launching in the US it's ready to tackle the UK too. It'll begin shipping on April 15th, although Prime members can pre-order the device today for £19. That's a sizeable discount on the regular £35 asking price, which is just a smidge higher than Google's offering (£30) in the Play store. If you've been weighing up a new Prime subscription, this could be the time to take the plunge; the company will knock the stick down to £7 for anyone that's willing to sign up for a new 12-month membership.

As we mentioned in our original review, there's a lot going for Amazon's affordable streaming dongle. The hardware is a cut above its closest competition and the remote, alongside a slowly improving Fire OS, should appeal to homeowners looking for a more traditional set-top box experience. However, the deciding factor will probably be your preferred ecosystem and video streaming services. If you've accrued a hefty film collection in Google Play, you're better off sticking with the Chromecast, but if Prime Instant Video is your jam, the Fire TV Stick could be the one to go for. For those who want to stay truly platform-agnostic, Roku's Streaming Stick is still a top-notch option too.