Taylor Swift will be available on Jay Z's Tidal streaming service

Most people still have no idea what Tidal is, but that's likely to change if Jay Z continues playing his cards right. See, the music mogul has just convinced Taylor Swift to give the Norwegian hi-fi streaming service -- that he snapped up -- the right to stream most of her albums. As she's one of the world's best-selling artists, she certainly has the following to help spread the word about the company. But doesn't Taylor dislike streaming services? Well, not exactly. She left Spotify last year, because she wasn't happy with its free, ad-supported tier -- on the other hand, she stayed with Rhapsody and Beats Music, because they don't have a free option.

As you can guess, Tidal won't be free, either. When it officially launches under new management on March 30th, it will offer a 7-day free trial, after which, a subscription will cost you $20 a month. That's twice the amount it will cost you to subscribe to Beats Music: an amount that's presumably big enough to allow Tidal to offer artists better deals than its rivals. If you were expecting to be able to jam to Blank Space, though, we're sorry to say that Taylor's still keeping 1989 off of streaming websites, including this one.

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