Minecraft free for every Northern Ireland secondary school

Minecraft has been heralded for its focus on building, creativity and exploration. Players learn about architecture and construction, as well as the simple joy of self expression. The game's open nature has also given birth to countless mods that teach budding builders about coding, geography and art. Recognising its power as an educational tool, a free copy of the game is now being offered to every secondary school in Northern Ireland.

The organisers of CultureTECH, an annual festival for the technology and creative industries, have secured funding from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure to supply over 200 schools with download codes. Each licence is for a special version of the game called MinecraftEdu, which is designed specifically for the classroom. While it's not uncommon to see Minecraft in schools, this is the first time the game has been distributed across an entire region. Now, does anyone else wish they were a student again?

[Image Credit: MinecraftEdu]