Police stations are becoming common Craigslist meetup locations

A good rule of thumb when meeting strangers off of Craigslist is to meet in public places. But you know what's safer than that when your gut's telling you to be extra careful? Meeting in police station lobbies. The Seattle Police Department is encouraging people to use its station lobbies as meetup, pickup or drop off points for Craigslist deals. Clean, legal ones only, of course. It's not the first state to offer its law enforcement HQs as a safe place to meet, though: this is a growing trend across the US started by the Chicago police. Aside from Seattle, Beaufort, Boca Raton, Columbia, South Carolina, Missouri and Virginia Beach have also followed Chicago's lead. Police stations, by the way, are open 24/7. So you can snap up even good deals posted at night without having to worry about getting kidnapped, raped or murdered.

[Image credit: Wikimedia]