Sony drops PlayStation TV price to £45 in the UK

Sony's PlayStation 4 is selling incredibly well, but an early price drop suggests its smaller cousin isn't doing so hot in the UK. The PlayStation TV has always been a peculiar proposition, offering an easy way to play some, but not all PlayStation Vita, PSP and classic PSone games. Arguably its best feature is Remote Play, but £84.99 is a tough sell if you just want to stream PS4 games around the house. The mini-console has been available in the UK for a little over three months, but already Sony is dropping the price to £44.99.

It's a huge price cut, and one that likely reflects the console's muted reception. Would we recommend one now? Maybe, given the gizmo also comes with a voucher for three PlayStation Vita games. Until triple-A titles such as Tearaway, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush are supported though, you're probably better off saving your pennies.