Tiny 3D-printed retro TV set plays B-movies for your Barbies

The Philco Predicta television is a 1950s design icon and one of the most easily recognizable television models in history, what with its detached picture tube and nearly flat screen. Unfortunately, finding a working example these days is nearly impossible -- that is, unless you 3D-print one yourself like the crafty geniuses at FormLabs have. The team first printed the miniaturized case using the Formlab Form+1 and clear resin, then stuffed an Adafruit 2-inch LCD screen into it and loaded the Sci-Fi classic "The Man from Planet X" into its memory.

Formi Lab's Michael Curry designed and constructed the small-form example set. He's also posted the .form file so that anyone with a 3D printer (not necessarily the $3000 Form+1) can fabricate their own. It looks to be a pretty involved post-printing production process -- you're going to spend a good deal of time sanding and spray painting -- but the results are clearly worth it.