Vine's six-second slices of life get a big video-quality bump

Artists and comedians have been doing some truly amazing things with Vine since it launched as a Twitter product two years ago, but those mesmerizing slices of life that eat up your day in six-second increments have never really looked all that great. That's finally starting to change, according to a blog post by Vine API lead Mike Kaplinskiy -- you'll start seeing vines in 720p (up from the normal, eye-searing 480p) in the team's iOS and Android apps within the next few days, but some of them can already be spotted embedded around the web.

Speaking of apps, there's just a bit of platform bifurcation going on here (though that's nothing new). Got an iPhone? The videos you shoot and share on Vine will be available in that higher-quality format now, and there's nothing you really have to do since the big changes went through on the service's back end. Alas, videos shot by Android users won't appear in higher quality for a little while longer, and there's zero word on whether the company's languishing Windows Phone app will eventually get the nod (or, you know any kind of update ever again). Anyway, in case you're absolutely dying to see what these new hi-def Vines look like, here's a dog playing bongos. Let this endless loop of canine indie rock lull you into the weekend with the gentleness you deserve.