Use an iPad to start print, web and mobile layouts with Adobe Comp CC

Mobile devices may not be able to handle all of the tasks needed project ready for print, but they are certainly handy for getting work started. Back in the fall, Adobe launched Brush CC, Shape CC, and Color CC that allow you to quickly nab useful bits of smartphone photos for use in full-on desktop applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. Today, the software company announced Comp CC: a new iPad app that pulls items from a user's Creative Cloud Library to get started on print, web and mobile app layouts while on the go.

If you have an idea that you don't want to lose, or need to make the most of the morning commute, Comp CC can lend a hand. What's more, the app accesses stored images, Typekit fonts, brushes, color palettes and other assets for those preliminary mockups. When you get back to the office, Comp CC layouts play nice with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for any final fine-tuning. There are also handy gestures that help align shapes and image or add text. If you're itching to give it a go, the free app is now available over at iTunes. Of course, you'll need a Creative Cloud subscription to make the most of it.