Dyson's new bladeless fan is also a powerful air filter

Dyson really hates dirt, to the point that it's now come up with a new bladeless fan that can also filter out ultrafine airborne particles -- including viruses, bacteria and pollens -- that are as tiny as 0.1 microns. The aptly-named Pure Cool (AM11) closely resembles Dyson's other fan towers, with the notable difference being the cylindrical glass HEPA filter around the base. After 450 prototypes, the company claims that this filter removes 99.95 percent of ultrafine particles, and it's good for up to 4,382 hours or about six months of continuous use. In other words, if you use the Pure Cool for 12 hours each day, then you'll only need to replace the filter after a year. Of course, it's hard to say whether it'll last just as long in smoggy Beijing, which is where Dyson cleverly chose to do the global launch for the Pure Cool.

I've tried the Pure Cool for a night so far, and it really is quiet at mid-speed while also oscillating, so it didn't affect my sleep. If needed, you can set a sleep timer for anywhere between 15 minutes to nine hours, and this can be adjusted using the remote control that rests on the fan's magnetic top. As to the effectiveness of the HEPA filter (which isn't hard to remove), this will require a much longer trial to tell, so we'll just have to take Dyson's word for it.

It's a given that the Pure Cool will be gradually rolled out across the globe, but for your reference, it'll be available in Hong Kong this May from April 17th for HK$5,580 or about US$720. If you prefer the cheaper yen, then it'll also be available for ¥69,984 (tax included) or about US$580 in Japan -- a country where Dyson has a habit of debuting its latest goodies. But yes, it's still pricey.