Periscope update keeps viewers from showing up at your house

Twitter's video-streaming app Periscope may have buried Meerkat's hopes of being the go-to way to show the world your office refrigerator. But until today, it had a rather scary privacy issue. When a broadcaster shared their location, instead of that location being a neighborhood or city, viewers could zoom all the way into the broadcaster's whereabouts. An update to the app has fixed that awesome feature for stalkers.

The update for the iOS app is available now and only zooms into a large geographic region rather than pinpointing a location. That might be erring on the side of caution, but it's better than random viewers knowing where you live. The update also fixed chat issues found in broadcasts with a lot of viewers, the ordering of live broadcasts so people you follow are at the top and improved video streaming according to Periscope.

Location before and after the update

Location before and after the update

The app has always had the ability to turn off your location while streaming. Thanks to today's update, broadcasters can rest assured that when they do share their location, random weirdos won't show up to their exact spot to ruin their live-streaming fun.