Peugeot's transforming food truck is a mobile French bistro for 30

The French know a thing or two about good food, so it makes sense that they'd weigh in on the mobile culinary trend, too. Peugeot's Design Lab created the "Le Bistrot du Lion:" a transforming vehicle that offers cafe-style seating for up to 30 people. The van's entire side panel opens to reveal a fully-equipped kitchen/prep area, with a raised roof to offer the extra head room. That side panel also houses a 46-inch display where hungry observers can watch the chef's routine. Continuing with the modular construction, a counter slides out the back and the rear door handles storage. There's a trailer too, and it packs in a n espresso machine for a fresh brewed cup and a DJ booth provides tunes while folks dine. Such a luxurious workspace needs talent to make it worth the trouble, so Peugeot enlisted Paris-based chef Sven Chartier for the vehicle's stops at Milan Design Week and the World's Fair Expo Milano. If you can't travel to Italy for a closer look, peruse the gallery below for some detail shots.