There's no point lining up for an Apple Watch

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Daniel Cooper
April 9, 2015 10:01 AM
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There's no point lining up for an Apple Watch

It's a fact of life that, shortly before Apple launches a product, gadget fans begin lining up outside stores equipped with a tent and some rations. That's why it was surprising to see new(ish) retail chief Angela Ahrendts discouraging the practice in a memo leaked to Business Insider. She wasn't joking, either, since the only way you can buy an Apple Watch, at least to begin with, will be to order one online. Let's just hope that you can return those vouchers for that Bear Grylls-style survival course.

According to the company's latest press release, pre-orders for the timepiece will commence at 12:01 AM PT Friday morning, with deliveries expected to begin on April 24th. If you've yet to be convinced that spending between $350 and $17,000 on a first-generation Apple product is a good idea, don't worry. From tomorrow, Apple stores will let you try on a Watch, Watch Sport or Watch Edition device with the style advice of a specialist. Unfortunately, this too will require you to book an appointment online ahead of time.
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There's no point lining up for an Apple Watch