Here's how much you'll pay to protect that Apple Watch

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Here's how much you'll pay to protect that Apple Watch

Scores of you - an obscene number, maybe - have already pre-ordered your Apple Watch. Perhaps you even sauntered into a well-appointed Apple Store-within-a-store for some valuable shopping advice before you took the plunge. Regardless, after you've made up your mind about which fancy wrist-computer will be yours in several weeks, you might want to take a look at how much Apple wants to protect it for you.

The standard AppleCare+ plan will set you back $49 or $69 for the more pedestrian Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch, respectively. Pulling the trigger on these things will extend your wearable's warranty to two years and grant you up to two accidental damage claims (which you'll still have to pay $79 for). Meanwhile, prepare to give your credit card some serious exercise if you want your Apple Watch Edition to stand the test of time -- AppleCare extends its warranty from two years to three, and those two accidental damage repairs will come after you pay a whopping $1,000 service fee plus taxes. That might sound just a little insane, but really: Once you're spending upwards of $10,000 on one of these things, what's another few thousand or so to cover you in case it slips through your decrepit butler's butterfingers?

Oh, and since your teensy wrist-screen is functionally useless on its own, Apple's got a trio of plans that'll cover both your Watch and your iPhone too... as long as your phone is less than six months old and in pristine condition. Each expanded plan'll cost you $100 more than its less-helpful counterpart (so $149, $169 and $1,600 for the Sport, Watch and Edition) and it grants you two repairs for your ailing iPhone if you it drop on the ground because you're so engrossed in your Watch.

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