Aston Martin is developing a plug-in hybrid and an electric vehicle

If you've ever wanted to feel like a more eco-friendly Bond behind the wheel, then Aston Martin is about to make your dreams come true. The automaker has revealed at the New York Auto Show that it's working on both a plug-in and an electric vehicle. That plug-in is none other than the DBX crossover vehicle (pictured above) that we saw in early March as a full electric car. Unlike the concept showcased in Geneva, it will have four doors instead of two; plus, the automaker's still adjusting its overall dimensions to make it roomier inside. While it will debut as a plug-in, CEO Andy Palmer says that if the company proves electric works, then it "would be a nice place to go."

That means the EV currently under development is another model altogether, and according to Palmer, it's an electric version of Aston Martin's four-door, family-friendly Rapide S. The company has recently begun the technical study of a pure-electric Rapide, which it wants to equip with components that will give it a (whopping!) 1,000-horsepower capability. Palmer said the all-electric Rapide S will be available in two years' time, but he didn't mention when the plug-in DBX might come out. He did say that the hybrid will carry a price tag similar to a regular Rapide, so ready your bank accounts, because that's around $200,000.