Google app update lets Android users add nicknames for contacts

If you've got someone in your contacts list who's a real jerk, Google now lets you call them by saying just that. Thanks to an update to the Google app on Android, you can give those folks nicknames. The feature was already live for some, but it seems to be available for everyone now (just showed up for me). This means when you say "Call Jerk Face," or use something other term of endearment, your phone will dial them automatically. Upon further examination of the APK, the folks at Android Police discovered Mountain View is progressing towards the Trusted Voice feature that surfaced a few versions ago. That Smart Lock tool will seemingly allow you to unlock a device with a spoken phrase. There's also mention of something called Seamless Hotword, but for now, the name is about the only detail we've seen. If you're not sporting the latest version yet, it's available for download over at Google Play. The more adventurous can snag the APK right here.