Garmin's latest action cameras track more of your performance

Garmin ViRB XE camera

How is Garmin going to convince you to buy one of its ViRB action cameras instead of a GoPro? By making them work anywhere and talk to anything, apparently. The company's new ViRB X and ViRB XE cams have a brand new design that lets them work underwater without a case, more choices for mounts and easier controls. They're also chock-full of sensors and connections that track your activities with more detail -- they combine the built-in accelerometer, GPS and gyroscope with compatible wireless gear (such as Garmin's heart rate monitor and Fenix sports watches) to gauge your performance. You can even overlay this data when you're working with footage in Garmin's mobile app, so it's easier to brag about your adventures when you post them online.

The differences between cameras are mostly dictated by video quality and the kind of control you need. The $300 ViRB X starts things out with basic options and 1080p recording at 30 frames per second. Shell out $400 for the ViRB XE and you'll get both smoother 60FPS video as well as a Pro Mode that lets you fine tune everything from color profiles to exposure bias. Both cameras will ship in the summer, so you'll have a while to decide just which one is best for your big expedition.