Vizio's latest 4K TVs start at $600

Vizio's M-Series TV for 2015

Vizio has already developed a reputation for offering decent 4K TVs on the cheap, and it's cementing that image now that it's rolling out its 2015 line of Ultra HD screens. The company's new M-Series sets (above) tout full LED backlighting, speedy 802.11ac WiFi and a six-core processor starting at $600 for a 43-inch model -- not bad considering that even stripped-down TVs cost more just a couple of years ago. The M range scales up to an 80-inch set at $4,000, which is still a steal considering that many 4K panels that size will cost you a five-digit sum.

M-Series Full-Array LED Ultra HD Smart TV Collection Pricing

The TV maker is willing to oblige if you're feeling spendy, though. It's also teasing details of the long-promised Reference Series sets (below) that pack Dolby Vision-certified panels with wide color ranges, 384-zone LED backlighting and a bright 800-nit output. You'll get an integrated 5.1-channel sound bar if you spring for the "entry" 65-inch model, and there's a 120-inch version if you insist on a room-filling picture. Vizio isn't talking release dates or pricing for the Reference Series just yet, but you'll probably want to set aside a lot of cash for one of these flagships.

Update: We've seen them in person -- check out our hands-on for the full scoop.

Vizio Reference Series 4K TV