Kaspersky releases decryption tool that unlocks ransomware

Hack concept with the focus on the return button overlaid with binary code

You never should have clicked on the email attachment from that Nairobian prince. Now ransomware's got you locked out of your own computer and is demanding money before you can use it again. But before you reach for you wallet, take a look at this decryption key generator that Kaspersky has built. The Netherland's National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) recently got its hands on a CoinVault command-and-control server (a type of ransomware that has been infecting Windows systems since last November) and, upon examining it, discovered a large database of decryption keys. The NHTCU shared this information with Kaspersky which used it to build the Noransomware decryption tool. Granted, the program isn't 100 percent effective yet -- it's not like the NHTCU got all of the potential keys off of that one server or anything -- but as police forces around the world continue to investigate the CoinVault ransom campaign, Kaspersky expects to grow the key database and further improve the tool's functionality. Plus, it's still better than paying some schmuck hacker to give you back your digital dominion.