Navigate YouTube in 15 more languages

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Mariella Moon
April 14th, 2015
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Navigate YouTube in 15 more languages

YouTube's developers are doing what they can to welcome as many people as possible using their own language. Google's video-sharing website has always been a polyglot, but now it has added support for 15 more languages, bringing the total to 76. That covers the native tongues of 95 percent of internet users, at least according to YouTube. To be clear, those 76 options are for site navigation only, and choosing any of them translates the website's links, buttons and text -- the videos themselves already have caption support for over 165 languages. You can see the full list below the fold, but here are the 15 new additions:

Azerbaijani - Azərbaycan (az), Armenian - Հայերեն (hy) , Georgian - ქართული (ka) , Kazakh - Қазақ Тілі (kk) , Khmer - ខ្មែរ (km), Kirghiz - Кыргызча (ky), Lao - ລາວ (lo), Macedonian - Македонски (mk), Mongolian - Монгол (mn), Myanmar (Burmese) - ဗမာ (my), Nepali - नेपाली (ne), Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (pa), Sinhala - සිංහල (si), Albanian - Shqip (sq), Uzbek - OʻZbekcha (uz).

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