Here's video of SpaceX's rocket landing, and the explosion

Yesterday SpaceX made another unsuccessful try at landing a Falcon 9 first stage on a barge in the ocean, but the fuzzy Vine clip posted cut off right before things got exciting. Today, the company posted a longer, higher res video but quickly pulled it from YouTube. Now, you can see exactly what happens when one of those 200-foot tall rockets misses the mark. Yesterday CEO Elon Musk said the issue "should be easy to fix", and judging by the video it wasn't far off from success. If you need any more reasons to stay optimistic, SpaceX COO told DefenseNews that the company's next landing attempt may come on land instead of at sea, because of the difficulty in keeping a rocket upright on a moving barge -- as we all can now see.

Update: The official video is back, and you can watch it after the break.