Twitter is testing a 'You may also like' tweet discovery feature

From a "Suggested users" list to the MagicRecs push notification feature that recommends accounts and tweets, Twitter is constantly looking for ways for you to follow more people. Now it appears Twitter is adding yet another discovery method to the list. According to Venturebeat, Twitter has been testing a "You may also like" recommendation box along the right-hand rail of individual tweets. It lists as many as five related tweets it thinks you might like and if you hit "View more," it'll list an additional five below that. The feature is still in testing at the moment and there's no word if it'll actually roll out to the public at large.

What has rolled out, however, is a brand new Twitter front page. The new makes it easier for the non-logged-in public to see what's trending on the social network without having to sign up or log in. Just click on any of the suggested topics -- Politics, Tech News, or our favorite, Cute Animals -- and it'll bring up a list of popular tweets in that category. This in combination with the company's recent recommendation efforts is all part of strategy to keep its users engaged -- and hopefully bring in new ones too.