WikiLeaks lets you search Sony's hacked emails (updated)

When a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace hacked Sony Pictures in late 2014, thousands of private emails and information about top executives, actors and Hollywood hotshots hit the 'net. The messages revealed pay discrepancies between male and female stars, and contained copies of films that hadn't yet seen release. Some of these emails contained racist and derogatory comments from Sony Pictures staff, including co-chair Amy Pascal, who consequently left the company in February. Now, all of these emails are available in searchable form on WikiLeaks. Anyone interested in digging through Sony Pictures' email archives can now search by specific term, sender, recipient, attached filename or email ID.

Update: Sony is not pleased with WikiLeaks' decision to host the emails and the company is currently weighing legal options, Variety reports. A Sony spokesman provided the following statement to the site: "This information was stolen from Sony Pictures as part of an illegal and unprecedented cyberattack. WikiLeaks is not performing a public service by making this information easily searchable. Instead, with this despicable act, WikiLeaks is further violating the privacy of every person involved."