Your Android Wear devices will work even when your phone's at home

There's a new kid on the smartwatch block, which means that Google needs to make sure that its own gear is ready for the challenge. That's why the company is pushing out new features to its Android Wear devices in the coming weeks. The biggest addition is probably WiFi support that'll let you connect to your smartphone even if it isn't in your pocket. Should you, for instance, head out to the coffee shop and leave your phone at home, then you'll still receive notifications as long as both are connected to the internet.

As you can see in the GIF above, another big addition is the ability to cycle through cards without getting fingerprint marks on the screen. Simply flick your wrist away from your body to move forward and do the opposite to take a step back should you miss anything. Google has also enabled apps to take advantage of the always-on display and you can respond to messages with emoji straight from your wrist. The rollout will begin with LG's Watch Urbane and will spread across the rest of the range in the next few weeks.