Blink: an on-demand, smartphone-powered service for eye exams

Yes, smartphones can be fun, no doubt about it (Flappy Bird, anyone?). But there's more to them than that. Take EyeNetra, for example: this young startup has come up with a smartphone-based service that offers on-demand vision tests. With Blink, people don't have to pay a visit to the optometrist to get a routine eye exam -- it comes to them. The newly launched service isn't meant to replace any optic emergencies that may arise, however; instead, it simply provides a test to determine if someone needs prescription eyeglasses.

For $75, Blink sends a technician to your home (or office) with a set of smartphone-compatible tools -- including the one pictured above, which is reminiscent of a VR headset. Then, in matter of minutes, your sight data is collected and the results get sent to a certified optometrist. And if turns out that a prescription is needed, it will be sent right to your email address. Unfortunately, Blink is only available in New York City right now, but the company does expect to expand its on-demand offering to other places in the future.