Watch the Apple Watch unbox itself

Apple Watch Unboxing

The appointed time has finally arrived. Months after its unveiling, Apple's Watch is finally finding its way onto the public's wrists. Yet, as is often the case with product debuts from the company in Cupertino, demand outstrips supply (for now). Fear not, would-be Watch wearers, even if you haven't gotten your hands on one -- yet -- Engadget can still give you that kid-on-Christmas-morning feeling with our unboxing video.

Are you among the fortunate few who got one of Apple's coveted Watches? Well, we want to see your unboxing videos, too. Be it Vine, Instagram or YouTube clip, just send it to us via Twitter using the hashtag #Gadgetsnaps or pop a link to the video in the comments below. We'll be sharing our favorites next week, so show us what you got! And, stay tuned for our full review...

Photos by Will Lipman, video produced and edited by Ina Maria