Instagram debuts three new filters and emoji hashtags

The five new filters that Instagram released back in December have reportedly been such a hit with users, the company has unveiled three more retouching options: Lark, Reyes and Juno. According to Instagram's blog, Lark softens reds in favor of blue and green hues to highlight landscape shots while Reyes washes out the image as a whole to create a weathered and vintage feel. The Juno filter is geared more for portraits. It boosts warm tones and whites while adding a slight green tint to cooler colors.

Additionally, Instagram now supports emoji in its hashtags. As the company's blog explains, " can discover even more by adding them to your own photos and videos, searching them on the Explore page and tapping on them when you see them in captions." These features roll out today; look for iOS version 6.11.0 in the App Store and Android version 6.20.0 in Google Play.